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Spy Bluetooth Neck Tie Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Neck Tie Earpiece set is built with the latest Nano technology. The tie is equipped with the Bluetooth and a microphone which makes the communication possible.The spy neck tie looks like a normal man’s tie so no will detect it a special banyan.

Key features:

  • Spy Bluetooth tie earpiece set is equipped with spy earbud and a sensitive microphone. The spy earbud allows you to hear the voice of your partner, very clear. Through the same microphone you can talk back with your partner and get the information at the real time.
  • The device works via Bluetooth.
  • The tie has an inbuilt microphone for receiving the voice.

  • The device needs 6 hours for getting charged
  • The device can be used constantly for 4-5hours of standby mode.
  • Inbuilt chargeable battery with the attractive looks.

Package contents:
  • Neck tie
  • Earbuds

Product Code: BE1010


How to operate the device:

Insert the earbud in the earbud in the ear canal and wear the tie like an ordinary tie .It can be used anywhere for the secret communication. Spy Bluetooth neck tie ear piece can be worn in the in the meeting, examinations.The high quality microphone allows to hear the clear voice and tall without getting noticed by anyone. The device looks lie normal tie, so no one will doubt about the usage of the Bluetooth earpiece.

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